A Cappella    

A musical about finding your own voice

Book by Vynnie Meli / Music by The Acappella Company / Produced by Greg Cooper Productions 

A gospel singer gets lost going from the 'music of praise' to the ‘music that pays’. He misses the life he left behind, and Sarah, but is this love or just nostalgia? He returns to the place where everything is familiar, except that nothing is.                                 

With no accompaniment, beat boxing percussion and soaring harmonies weave a blend of gospel, pop, and R & B through this uplifting show. Its' emotional core is universal and for all ages.                        A cast of 12 - 14, and no band

Official Selection of the 2015 New York Musical Theatre Festival;  Workshop development with Marguerite Hannah at Horizon Theatre

The NYMF Steele Spring Stage Rights Award;  NYMF '15 Awards for Best Ensemble, Best Orchestrations, and Best Music Direction; Alliance Theatre's Reiser's Atlanta Artists Lab                                                                                                    


Breaking the Glass Slipper

Formerly Plagued - A Love Story   / 2009 New York Musical Theatre Festival

Book and lyrics by Vynnie Meli / Music by Casey Filiaci

The truth is hard to see in a world lit only by fire. Cinderella struggles to get into shoes that don’t fit her anymore. The Prince is sometime less than Charming and their daughter is unruly. Dusty wants to break free from her parents’ gilded cage and explore the outside world. Queen Mother-in-law and her bloodthirsty knave aren’t exactly Medieval, they’re just misunderstood. >><< When a young man is found unconscious in the wormwood, tensions rise and lines are drawn. Unfortunately, the fairies have all retired to South Florida. Dusty will have to make her own way over the castle wall.

A family musical comedy; 4 w, 3 m plus ensemble

A Next Link Selection at the New York Musical Theatre Festival; Developmental workshops with Working Title Playwrights at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta and freeFall Theatre in St. Petersburg, FL