The Stranger The Better

Composer - Liam Wade

Atlanta Opera: 24 Hour Opera Project '16 [Audience Favorite Award];Hartford Opera Theatre: New In November. '16; West Edge Opera: Snapshot Series - Berkeley and San Fransisco '17; One Ounce Opera - Austin '17; STL Opera Collective - St. Louis


Krispy Kremes and Butter Queens

Composer - Jennifer Jolley                         

About the life - and afterlife - of Paula Deen. When the celebrity chef chokes on her own sinfully delicious confection during a televised cooking segment, the celebrity chef ends up outside the pearly gates. She's barred because of her propensity for fried foods, until the angels succumb to her devious butter aria.  

Atlanta Opera: 24 Hour Opera Project {Judge's Award and Audience Favorite] ; The New Fangled Opera Festival in New Orleans; Hartford Opera's New Works Festival; MODO Opera in Detroit; touring productions with NANOWorks, Cincinnati; NYC Opera On Tap 

Mother Nature, Sister Sludge

Composer - Lauren McCall

A Cautionary Opera. 

Atlanta Opera: 24 Hour Opera Project  '15


The Lifespan of a Fly

Composer - Ronnie Reshef

A fly becomes a man and finds the love of his life. The life of a fly, however, is tragically short. 

Atlanta Opera's 24 Hour Opera Project {Judge's Award and Audience Favorite] ; NYC Opera On Tap; ______________


The Puddle of Youth

Composer - Natalie Williams

A woman finds the fountain of youth, only to discover her oldest and closest friend doesn't know how to swim. Originally directed by Matthew Ozawa

Atlanta Opera: 24 Hour Opera Project {Judge's Award] ;   NANOWorks Opera '15;   The Nagambie Lakes Opera Festival in Melbourne, Australia '16


Scrub A Dub Raw: The Cops Opera

Composer - Nicole Randall Chamberlain   /  Atlanta Opera's First Annual 24 Hour Opera Project

"Taser me gently, frisk me with feeling."

Boy Loses Girl (In the Beer Tent)

Composer - Liam Wade        

Oktoberfest is big in Germany. Really big. An impossible quest, our Herzbub attacks the chaotic revelry going beer after beer, tent after tent, to find his Herzmadl. Just when he's given up hope, the yodeling begins. For every veiner there's a schnitzel..

Opera on Tap: New York, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Hamburg, Germany and Dresden, Germany

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