Orbital Debris

Orbital Debris, a two person play, is a bittersweet romantic comedy. Scott is an Aerospace Engineering grad student at Georgia Tech developing asteroid prevention technology. He wants to go to Mars - even if it is a one way trip. Claire skims mayhaw berries off a low country swamp on the Georgia coast and sells the jam she makes from them at the flea market in Atlanta. Claire’s risky behavior sabotages her relationships, while Scott does everything he can to avoid his own. Opposites attract, but then so does gravity. Their improbable affair ends when they both learn how to love. 

Development at Georgia Tech / DramaTech and The Ethel Woolson Lab through Working Title Playwrights; Technical advisor, Dr. John Bradford, President of SpaceWorks, Inc.


Rhythm Darlings

“All-girl” jazz bands are finally getting gigs because so many men are abroad fighting World War II. When their sax player falls ill the night before they go on tour, the Rhythm Darlings hire their first white member who is also Jewish. The inherent danger is more than a threat as these women drive their bus deep into the Jim Crow South. This play is inspired by and in honor of the  predominantly black early jazz bands from New York and Kansas City who were the first to integrate. Touring the country they were, in essence, playing the overture to the Civil Rights era.

Winner of Essential Theatre Playwriting Competition and the Metropolitan Atlanta Theatre Award for Best New Work


Chopped Liver in Paradise

Young honeymooners take a Caribbean cruise to embark on their new married lives, while two old friends escape their own. High-seas high jinks as they navigate love, marriage and friendship in this cruise ship comedy. Maritime laws apply.

World premiere produced by Mira Hirsch at the Jewish Theatre of the South


September Tenth

Two teenagers sprawl out on the grass of their high school football field. lazily pointing out cotton candy animals in the clouds overhead. They are teetering on the brink of love, adulthood and other irreversible events, but that day, September tenth, 2001, is a beautiful day. It's a perfect day to laze on the grass under cotton candy clouds. 

University of Illinois / Inner Voices Social Issues Theatre;  Readers Theatre Repertory, Portland, OR; premiered in Atlanta with Working Title Playwrights 


Theater for Young Audiences

Looking Glass Theatre, nyc

Keats in Curlers

In Ancient Greece, artists painted tiny black figures on their terra cotta urns. These paintings weren't just for decoration. As you walk around the urns, the paintings are like frames in a comic book. Each one tells a story. However, that was Ancient Greece and this is now and when the toga-clad discus players and hunters and buffalo come right off the urn and into the street what they do next is not at all what you'd expect. It's "Our Turn on the Urn".

World premiere at the Looking Glass Theatre, NYC


The Bargain

The Bargain is a very short play with two characters, a border between them, and absolutely no words. 

TYA / One World Theater International Conference, Cleveland, OH